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SAP S/4 - Finance

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SAP S/4 Finance / FSCM

Simple Finance is the first Business application that SAP company developed for financial functions on the HANA Platform. This was the pilot product from SAP on the HANA platform for Finance Business solutions. We also know it as Add On function on EHP 7. It includes multiple functions both for Finance & Management Accounting. Key FeaturesSAP Simple Finance was designed to remove issues like transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) and planning systems to provide instant insights and calculations on- the -fly.

  • Then we have the Universal Journal that SAP introduced as the ‘Principle of One’ with ACDOCA table. It can remove multiple Index, Aggregate, Total Tables related to Finance & Controlling Module.

  • Finance Risk Management ID is again an important feature.

  • Another, the Risk and Compliance Management – A key feature of Simple Finance.

  • The earlier SAP releases like 1503, 1506 support SAP Simple Finance Module.

Course Contents

SAP introduced S4 HANA Business Suit, which not only includes Finance functions but also the Logistics functions on the HANA platform. SAP S4 HANA Finance is one Business application for Finance. As I mentioned above, it includes SAP Accounting, SAP Treasury & Cash Management, and also SAP BPC. Key Features of SAP S4 HANA Finance New GL concept

  • Extension Ledger

  • Cost Element included in Ledger Account

  • Secondary Cost Element

  • Business Partner Concept

  • Receivable Management (Credit Management, Collection & Dispute Management)

  • Cash Management

Personal Tution
Self Study


Students would be provided SAP Trainings with Customized Material, Quick Reference Document, SAP Books Soft Copies & Error Handling Document (This Document is Very Useful during the Practice for troubleshooting General Errors which occurs) along with the Interview Questions for SAP Jobs and Handling Real-time Scenarios etc.,

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